Murder Kroger

In Atlanta, it is familiar to name hyper-local Kroger locales. Our Agency was located in the O4W neighborhood for over a decade near this local, notorious, and beloved Kroger location. There are other names like Disco Kroger, Baby Kroger, Kro-Bar Kroger, Confederate Kroger, and many more.

Gentrification Kills Culture

The Murder Kroger Tee

The idea to design a Murder Kroger Tee was planned in 2014 but not executed until 2016. The tee was created largely due to the push of gentrification and foreign construction development that was happening in O4W.

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Once this design went viral, many people made knock offs

When we launched the tee it took on a life of its own. It was virally successful and aggressively copied, and sold by different producers, and still is to this day. We love Atlanta, and we love O4W. Our graphic tee was made from love, and never intended to promote hate or violence. The majority of Atlantans knew this, a small minority was offended. To the minority, we apologize.