Cafe Paname

When Whitley St. approached Café Paname to help them launch a new coffee shop on the Isle of Palm Beach, they had no idea it would be so successful.

Coffee On The Beach

Isle of Palms Best Coffee Shop

The company's founders were passionate about their product and service, but wanted to create a memorable brand identity and experience to help them stand out from the shore. Whitley St. helped them craft an identity that was memorable and authentic. This allowed them to create a brand experience that truly resonated with their customers, creating loyal customers who keep coming back for more!

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Consulting
  • Package Design
  • Merchandising
  • Print Design / Indoor Outdoor Signage

Coffee. Local. Food.

Whitley St. was able to take the founders pencil drawn sketch concept of palm trees on top of latte art and bring it to fruition. We had fun with the colors to match the beach lifestyle which differentiated from the browns and blacks most often seen in coffee shops branding.