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The best time to do something is as soon as you can. I understand this isn’t always possible, but if we’re being honest, we’ll see that it’s more possible than we admit.
Let’s say you need to take out the trash, send April an e-mail, or in this case, “write a blog.” It is far easier to think of other things you need to do instead of those things or lament/strategize about how you’ll get to those tasks later.
The best thing to do is the next viable step as soon as possible
The best thing to do is the next viable step as soon as possible, like putting on your shoes, opening a new message, or just writing for five minutes. When I do the minor task as quickly as possible, I start to get this momentum of progress, and just like a roller coaster that’s beginning, you can’t get off because of the tight buckle.
My most significant hurdle to this new action is thought. I often “think a thing,” and the mere act of the thought subconsciously made me believe I was doing it. Thoughts and beliefs are powerful, but through more practiced awareness, I can identify that thinking about a thing and talking about something does not equal progress.
Start with the minor viable action as soon as you can. Then, get on the damn roller coaster. You’ll be glad that you did, and you won’t die.

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